About Helena American Legion Baseball

Helena American Legion Baseball

2014 SeniorsThe Helena American Legion Baseball program is comprised of three teams:

  1. Senators – “AA” – Varsity baseball
  2. Reps – “A” – Junior Varsity baseball
  3. Independents – “B” – Freshmen/Sophomore baseball

Players with the most advanced skills are placed on the Senators, while players that demonstrate potential to advance to the varsity level will be placed on either the Reps or the Independents. The Independents are limited to players currently enrolled as 8th – 10th graders.

Montana-Alberta American Legion Baseball Conference

Helena RepsPart of the American Legion Baseball Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming), the Montana-Alberta American Legion Baseball Conference has class “AA” (senior), class “A” (junior), and class “B” teams in numerous Montana communities, one Idaho community, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

The “AA” teams are divided into two divisions, east and west. “A” teams are divided into four districts with some district subdivisions. “AA” and “A” teams play a full season schedule and participate in post-season and tournament play. “B” teams play a limited number of regular season games but also participate in limited post-season and tournament play.

National American Legion Baseball

American Legion Baseball is a national institution, having thrived through a world war, several national tragedies, and times of great prosperity as well as great despair.

Helena IndependentsThe league still stands behind the traditional values upon which it was founded in 1925. American Legion Baseball has taught hundreds of thousands of young Americans the importance of sportsmanship, good health and active citizenship. The program is also a promoter of equality, making teammates out of young athletes regardless of their income levels or social standings. American Legion Baseball has been, and continues to be, a stepping stone to manhood for millions of young men who have gone on to serve their country or community, raise families or play the sport at the highest level.

Through the years, more than 10 million young men have played on American Legion teams. Nationally, American Legion Baseball is divided into eight regions, each with numerous state programs. Each region holds an annual tournament, with the tournament winner advancing to the American Legion Baseball World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

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