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Cloninger Classic

June 20-23, 2024
Cloninger Classic

The Cloninger Classic Tournament is set for June 20-23, 2024.

About the Tournament

The Helena Reps will be hosting the annual Legion Class A Lee Cloninger Classic at Kindrick Legion Field in Helena, MT from June 20-23, 2024.

The Cloninger Classic is named after longtime Helena American Legion baseball supporter and volunteer Lee Cloninger, who worked the ticket booth and concessions at Kindrick Legion Field for over 30 years.

Thursday, June 20

Time Third Base Dugout   First Base Dugout
1:00 PM Kalispell vs Billings
3:30 PM Pocatello vs Billings
6:00 PM Pocatello vs Idaho Prime
8:30 PM Helena vs Idaho Prime

Friday, June 21

Time Third Base Dugout   First Base Dugout
11:00 AM Kalispell vs Pocatello
2:00 PM Kalispell vs Idaho Prime
5:00 PM Billings vs Lethbridge
8:00 PM Helena vs Lethbridge

Saturday, June 22

Time Third Base Dugout   First Base Dugout
11:00 AM Idaho Prime vs Lethbridge
2:00 PM Kalispell vs Lethbridge
5:00 PM Helena vs Pocatello
8:00 PM Helena vs Billings

Sunday, June 23

Time Third Base Dugout   First Base Dugout  
10:30 AM #5 Seed vs #6 Seed  
1:00 PM #3 Seed vs #4 Seed  
3:30 PM #1 Seed vs #2 Seed  


Tournament Rules


  1. American Legion Baseball Rules will be followed except as specified below. 

  2. Coaches must be in uniform and wear protective helmets.

  3. Games will be 7 innings unless extra innings are needed. In the case of a tie after 7 innings or because of time limit,
    teams will go into a tie-breaker scenario. Each team will start the next inning with a runner on 2nd base and no outs. The
    runner will be the last out recorded from the previous inning.

  4. Twelve run rule applies after 4 innings, eight run rule applies after 5 innings.

  5. The time limit for each game is 2 hours. Time will officially start with the first pitch of the game. There will be no time limit for the Championship game. The official scorekeeper will keep track of time.

  6. Home team will be determined by a coin toss before the start of the game. Helena will be home team for their pool play games. On Sunday, the better seed will be the home team.

  7. Infield/outfield is not allowed. Ground balls and fly balls in the outfield only please.

  8. Courtesy runners are encouraged for the pitcher and catcher. Courtesy runner can be any player that is not currently in the lineup.

  9. Teams will be seeded for Sunday’s games.  Seeding criteria follows.
    •    Overall record
    •    Head to Head record
    •    Runs allowed
    •    Runs scored
    •    Coin flip if still tied

    *If 3 or more-way ties, Head-to-Head will only be used if all tied teams have played each other. If all tied teams have not
    played each other the remaining seeding criteria will be used to break the first tie. The team that won the first tie will
    then be removed and we will evaluate the remaining teams to break the second tie, where Head- to-Head can come
    back into play.

  10. Helena will always occupy the 3rd base dugout.

  11. We will have just finished installing turf on various parts of the field. Absolutely no sunflower seeds or gum. Metal spiked cleats are allowed as the main playing surface will still be dirt and grass.

For More Information:

Brenden McGuire
Helena Reps Head Coach