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Helena Memorial Day Tournament

May 22-25, 2020
Memorial Day Tournament

The Helena Memorial Day Tournament is set for May 22-25, 2020.

Friday, May 22

Time 1st Base Dugout   3rd Base Dugout
6:00 PM GVO B vs Helena B

Saturday, May 23

Time 1st Base Dugout   3rd Base Dugout
11:00 PM Bozeman B vs GVO B
1:30 PM Bozeman B vs Missoula B
4:00 PM GVO B vs Missoula B
7:00 PM Belgrade B vs Helena B

Sunday, May 24

Time 1st Base Dugout   3rd Base Dugout
11:00 PM GVO B vs Belgrade B
1:30 PM Kalispell B vs Belgrade B
4:00 PM Bozeman B vs Helena B
7:00 PM Kalispell B vs Helena B

Monday, May 25

Time 1st Base Dugout   3rd Base Dugout
11:00 PM Belgrade B vs Bozeman B
1:30 PM GVO B vs Kalispell B
4:00 PM Missoula B vs Kalispell B
7:00 PM Missoula B vs Helena B

About the Tournament

The Helena Independents will host the annual American Legion Baseball Class "B" Helena Memorial Day Tournament at Kindrick Legion Field in Helena, MT from May 22-25, 2020.

This is the 5th Annual Tournament, consisting of 6 teams.

Tournament Rules

  1. American Legion Baseball Rules will be followed except as specified below.
  2. Coaches must be in uniform and wear protective helmets.
  3. Eight run rule applies after 5 innings.
  4. The time limit for each game is 2 hours. Time will officially start with the first pitch of the game. No new inning can be started after the time limit has been met. In the case of a tie after the 2-hour limit, the game will end in a “Tie”. If time limit has not been met and the game is tied after 7 innings, extra innings will be played. Any extra innings will be subject to the 2-hour time limit. The official score keeper will keep track of time.
  5. Home team will be the team occupying the 3 rd Base dugout, unless specified on the schedule.
  6. Infield/outfield will only be allowed if time permits to keep the tournament on schedule.
  7. Ground rules will be explained during the pre-game coaches meeting.
  8. Courtesy runners are encouraged for the pitcher and catcher only. Please have your runner ready to go. Runner must be someone on the bench, not someone in the lineup.
  9. We have 3 batting cages available for pregame BP. Please leave an open cage for your opponent if you get to the field first.
  10.  Coaches must be mindful of social distancing requirements at all times while their teams are inside Kindrick Legion Field.

Please follow the requirements listed in the dugout and at the field regarding special COVID-19 game day procedures.

For More Information:

Helena Senators Head Coach Jon Burnett
(406) 459-7759