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2019 Use of Kindrick Legion Field

By Jon Burnett, 08/30/18, 11:45AM MDT


Helena American Legion Baseball Fans, Families and Alumni,

The use of Kindrick Legion Field in 2019 has become a pretty big issue. The Helena Brewers are leaving town and a new collegiate summer league wants to move in. The addition of the new league will significantly impact our program. The new league’s season runs from the end of May until the beginning of August, and while we have had our schedule struggles with the Brewers, they only conflicted with our schedule from mid-June on. This new league will add an additional 3 weeks of conflict at a minimum. In 2018, the Independents only played 11 games at Kindrick Legion Field out of a 47-game schedule while the Senators only had 3 games at Kindrick Legion Field in the month of July. I have provided the Helena Mayor and Commission with an in-depth comment letter and I am happy to share that with anyone that wants to see it. Please email me at and I will provide you with a copy.

The City Commission has already discussed the 2019 use of Kindrick Legion Field at numerous meetings and a decision was made at the July 25th Administrative meeting. The decision did not go in favor of this new league. The minutes of the meeting can be found here. Somehow, the issue is now being brought up again for discussion at the September 5th Commission meeting.

We need your support. Please take a couple of minutes and submit a public comment to the City Commission. We also need you to attend the meeting in person. The meeting will be held on September 5 at 4:00 PM in the City County Building, Room 326. Let’s rally together to make sure that our local kids don’t get pushed out of Kindrick Legion Field by a for-profit league.

Thank you and we hope for your support.

Jon Burnett
Helena Senators Head Coach